3rd Pleasurescapes-workshop took place online

In late October 2020, we normally would have been in Barcelona to meet up for our third workshop and explore that amazing city. Sadly, this was not possible due to the Covid-19-pandemic. We are not allowed to travel and Barcelona is in a serious crisis. Having an academic get-together with presentations, group discussions, museum visits and urban hikes is just unthinkable at the moment.

But we are trying to move on anyway and get on with our research and met up digitally instead. On October 29, we had a great full-day digital workshop, perfectly hosted and managed by our Catalan colleagues. We made good progress on the conceptual frame of the Pleasurescapes-project and its multiple outcomes. Thanks to the whole team for joining and contributing and hopefully see you again soon! In person or on the screen!


  • Baptist, Vincent: „Of Hedonism and Heterotopia: Pathways for Researching Legacies of Entertainment Culture in Port Cities“, PORTUSplus 9 (2020), forthcoming.


  • 28 January 2021: 4th Pleasurescapes-workshop, digital.
  • 1-4 September 2021: Pleasurescapes-session at the 15th International Conference on Urban History “Cities in Motion” in Antwerp, organized by the European Association for Urban History (EAUH).

We would love to hear from you

… if you have a story, picture or a piece to share! We are looking for objects and testimonies connected to our research on public entertainment in the port cities of Hamburg, Rotterdam, Barcelona and Gothenburg and appreciate volunteers‘ contributions.

… if you do research on the history of pleasure culture in port cities and/or industrial cities, particularly in the UK or in East Europe. We would like to learn more about your project!

… if you support our case, have constructive critical remarks or simply would like to find out more on the history of pleasurescapes in European port cities.

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